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For each experiment conducted at SEEL, we randomly select and invite by email a number of volunteers from our list of registered people. So in order to participate in our experiments, a person has to register online (click "Register" in the menu on the left). By registering for laboratory experiments, you indicate your intention to take part in experiments conducted by researchers at SEEL.

When you register, please enter your details in the compulsory fields carefully as they appear on your student ID. Once you have entered them you will not be able to change them yourself (except the email address). If any changes are required, please contact us. You can register only once. Please do not enter fake information; if you do this we will exclude you from the register.

If you get an email which invites you to participate in a particular experiment, you still have to sign up in order to participate, by clicking a link in the email and following the directions provided. By doing so, you indicate your commitment to participate.

For many experiments, an excess number of participants will be invited. The first invited persons arriving at the experiment's location will participate. Participants who are invited and show up on time, but are unable to participate due to capacity constraints or other failures are compensated with a small payment.

Usually, participation will be compensated in cash. The amount a participant is paid depends on the participant's and other participants' decisions during the experiment. Participants are responsible for reporting any income gained from participation in experiments to HM Revenue & Customs for tax purposes.

Participants are asked to carry some photo identification, such as a university ID or passport, when they come to an experimental session. A participant who does not carry identification might not be allowed to participate, and might not receive any payment.

People who give their agreement to take part in a particular experiment have to keep in mind that if they do not turn up or turn up late then the experiment might be cancelled because of a lack of participants.

For questions please contact